A Question and an Answer

Question: If the path of least resistance is, ultimately, the path of anguish and failure, what comprises the path of conquest and triumph?

Answer: The path that promises [offers, provides] the greatest resistance.

My Conclusion to the Matter: Therefore, I will GO, CREATE, and TAKE SUCH RESISTANT PATHS for MYSELF. I will go to the desert—not just to visit it, but to live there. In fact, I’ll BE AND BECOME THE DESERT INCARNATE. In and AS The Desert, I’ll pursue the resolute doing of all the things and no-things I don’t (in the moment) “feel like doing” because, DEEP DOWN, they’re the only things and no-things I genuinely want to do. I want to do them because doing them is the time, space, and place of genuine transformation in my life—and I CRAVE TRANSFORMATION. Like everyone else, I want to be different. Unlike most people, though, I’M WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE to be and become different… to get what I want. Every day, at the end of the day, I will ask myself, “Did I do enough?” The answer, which I’ve already decided upon beforehand, will always be a resolute “NO!”