Cultural Touch-me-nots (aka, Immutable Truths)

Hello friends…

What’s provided below is a partial list of truths that our current (and predominant) western culture will not acknowledge as being true. In fact, our culture will do whatever “it” can to silence those who espouse such truths (or, if you’re among them, “lies and absurdities”). I plan to talk about all these (and more) at some point on The Revellious podcast. Will it get me into trouble? Probably.

Okay… here’s a partial list of immutable truths that have become cultural touch-me-nots in our day.

[Immutable: Not subject or susceptible to change; not mutable; unchangeable; unalterable.]

God is. By Self-definition, He is Existence. God is also loving. And, also by Self-definition, He is Lovingkindness.

The truth is always the truth, and lies are always lies–irrespective of the frame of reference.

In this current earth-life, one out of one people die (and will die). At the judgement, every person will have to give an account for the life he [or she] lived.

Jesus is the only way to God. There are no other ways. If you want to know God, embrace Jesus.

Jesus rose from the dead. H-his closest followers were murdered—not for what they believed but for what they saw: Jesus risen from the dead.

A man can never become a woman, just as a woman can never become a man. Neither drugs, nor mutilating surgeries, nor wishes, nor the media, nor a political party, nor a political way of thought, nor a bill in Congress can overcome these truths.

People believe lies because they want to.

People believe lies to justify aberrant behavior.

Every day, the world (that is, the whole of creation) grows increasingly worse—and groans under the ever-increasing burdens of fallenness [see Ro 8:22]—as all of us work (self-centeredly) to manipulate the world into what we think it should be. This is the on-going, disastrous result of the human condition trying to make itself better by focusing on everything—and everyone—OUTSIDE OF ITSELF.

Those who are violent with their tongues are usually speaking autobiographically (meaning, they’re regurgitating the things they’ve already been saying to themselves).
Money acquired dishonestly dwindles away quickly, but he [or she] who gathers money little by little—and does so justly—makes it grow [see Pr 13:11].

The discerning heart (that is, the mind of the prudently intelligent, wise, and careful) seeks knowledge, but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly and, thus, spouts only foolishness [see Pr 15:14].

Gender confusion is the result of trauma, injury, illness, and demonic oppression.

Heaven knows nothing of lies except that they’re lies. That’s why Heaven knows nothing of identity politics.

All people have suffered abuse and trauma—there are no exceptions to this (including Jesus). All people have perpetrated abuse and trauma—there are no exceptions to this (excluding Jesus).

Homosexual behavior is an abomination. So is heterosexual sex practiced outside of a marriage covenant.

The genuine desire to care for the Earth and the undercurrent objectives of the Climate Change Agenda are about as far from each other as the east is from the west.

You cannot live by lies. You can die by lies, but you cannot live by them.

Each of us has a moral obligation to defend ourselves; similarly, each of us has a moral obligation to come to the defense of someone being prayed upon by another.

There are no atheists in foxholes… or in planes that are falling out of the sky. In fact, there are no atheists at all. Every person who claims to be an atheist is lying to himself [or herself]. Every person who claims to be an atheist is either hurting from past trauma or trying to do whatever they can to talk themselves into believe that something morally wrong isn’t really wrong, or both. Usually, it’s both.

Satan knows God exists.

Lovingkindness is the most powerful force in the world.

The opposite of hate is not love; it’s belief… belief that one is loved through and through by God Almighty. For those who truly know themselves to be loved by God, hate of/for others is absent from their thoughts, feelings, and attitudes.

Everyone profiles everyone all the time. How else can we discern if someone can be trusted or not?

Racism is absolutely wrong. So, too, is sexism, ageism, religionism, pedophilia, promiscuity, abortion, capital punishment, child abuse, elder abuse, spousal abuse (perpetrated by either spouse), murder, assault, rape, incest, thievery, cheating, and disingenuousness.

It is infinitely better to have just one handful with tranquility [true rest] than two with toil and chasing after the wind [see Ec 4:6].

Words from a wise man’s [or woman’s] mouth are gracious, but a fool is consumed by his own lips. At first, his words may feel only a little off—just a blathering litany of silly absurdities; but, when full-grown, such words will have devolved expressly into a never-ending, ever-convoluted, conglomerate of sheer and wicked madness. The fool only multiplies his silly and foolish words and, in turn, the silly and foolish things he does; for he’s unable to think, say, or do little else. If you’re paying attention, you’ll see him for who and what he is. Steer clear of such a one. Don’t scrap with him, don’t even engage with him in conversation, for the slime of his wretched viewpoints and diseased intentions will be hard to scrape from your personhood. As it’s been said, it’s hard to unsee and unhear and unsmell and untaste and unfeel the crude, hateful, misguided, and shocking expressions of fallenness (see Ec 10:12-14a).

Light is sweet, and it pleases the eye to see the sun. However many years a man [or woman] might live, let him enjoy them all. But let him always remember and be conscious of the days of darkness, for they have, are, and will be many! Everything in and about this life is only a breath—nothing but a wispy vapor. It’s here now, but in less than a moment—whoooosh—it’s gone (see Ec 11:7-8b)!

All human lives matter.

Tyranny is absolutely wrong.
Anyone who says, “Thou shalt do something hurtful to oneself or one’s family because it serves the greater good,” is a tyrant. That person is also lying to you.

Woke Christianity is the new Satanism of our day.

Our current educational and vocational systems were put in-place to control you and steal from you.

Inflation is one of many ways the government “legally” steals from you.

When the government (especially a centralized governmental or pseudo-governmental authority, be it the US Federal Government or the UN) has become the criminal, you have no established authority on Earth to which you can turn for help.

Embracing aberrant behavior is hatred (of those enmeshed in such behavior) in disguise.

To embrace aberrant behavior it become no different from those who engage in it directly.

You cannot come to Jesus truly and not be truly and forever changed.

Rights come from God not the state. The purpose of the state is to protect the free enjoyment of those rights by its citizens.

Today’s MRL Maxim: To not speak the truth is to lie.

Today’s MRL Call-to-action: Begin today to lovingly espouse what you believe. Again, to not speak truthfully in love is to hate those around you.