Faith, a Meditation…

What is faith? Faith is the yielding—the Trinity-breathed, Trinity-ordained yielding—of oneself to God in and through the organic (that is, the naturally supernatural or supernaturally natural) consent of one’s absolute belief. The soul drive of faith is to breed “Divine Heartfulness (that is, a very-present oneness [see below] of heart and mind) with God.” And… once such oneness is realized [apprehended], faith then becomes the ineffable [largely indescribable and inexpressible], ongoing Person-to-person experience of He in whom one previously believed but does so no longer because The Object of One’s Previous Belief (that is, God Almighty, The Trinity) is now known and loved intimately… and with a certainty that shatteringly-bursts open what existed previously in one’s heart as little more than just “a hunch.” Once one truly knows and loves—or, rather, once one knows and experiences himself [or herself] to be known and loved by—The One Who Knows (that is, The Eternally Knowing One) and The One Who Loves (that is, The Eternally Loving One), belief ceases its necessary relevance. More precisely, when such a oneness is experienced (that is, when it’s viscerally [arising from impulse or sudden emotion rather than from thought or deliberation] known and felt to be the in-the-moment ending of one’s superficial life and the eternal sprouting forth of one’s true and rightful existence and identity as A Son [or Daughter] of The Father and as A Baby Brother [or Sister] of Jesus), belief has been transcended. This is why I can say (and write) with a confident certainty, “I no longer believe in God. Through such faith, I KNOW and LOVE Him (that is, I know and experience myself known thoroughly and loved through and through by Him)!”


Commentary: We are one with God. While we can never be more one with God than we are right now, our faith-inspired experience of this oneness can be increased.