Four “Traveling, Mantralike, Prayers”

I’m a huge fan of praying all the time.

Sometimes, I use words.

When I’m moving about and decide to use words, I often go with one or more of what I call “My Traveling Prayers.” Traveling prayers are memorized prayers that I just pray over and over again in a mantralike fashion. Provided below are my top four traveling prayers. Perhaps you’ll consider praying these or somethin similar.

My Traveling Prayer #1 (Note: This particular prayer is also what I call “a breath-prayer”):


Have mercy.

My Traveling Prayer #2 (Note: This is also a breath-prayer):

Holy Trinity…


My Traveling Prayer #3:

Holy Trinity…

I want to walk before You in holiness, humility, and purity-, nobleness-, wholeness-, fullness-, and revelliousness-of-heart all the days of my existence (both in “this current Earth-life” and in “the world and glorious, lingering life to come”).

My Traveling Prayer #4:

Dave (and, perhaps, a part of my mind or body that needs healing)…

You were healed by Jesus Christ two thousand years ago.

Therefore, align with God’s Word; Jesus in you; and God’s Divine Nature, Authority, Power, Health, Wisdom, Discernment, and Resources already at work within your mind-brain/body composite–both materially and immaterially–continually and continuously, without end.