I will Not Go with Death

When I die, “I will not go with death [Sengai (spoken when he was on his death bed)]…”

Earlier in life, I thought I was unattached (and that I should strive always to be and remain unattached) to the continuing of my life, but these thoughts were not true. Why? Well, because in all honesty, I’m wholly attached to life (as I should be!). I’m attached to living… to continuing to live… to continuing to be me. Having no attachments is not the aim; rather, living, being wholeheartedly alive, being wholeheartedly attached to living, and being wholeheartedly attached to the Source of All Life—is the aim. These beliefs, these feelings, and these notions were not placed in me by me. No. They were seeded there by another: By The O-one who made me; by The Author, Pioneer, Perfecter, and Finisher of All Life (and not just of my own). H-his Name is Jesus… YHVH… The Eternal One… The Name of Existence… The Master of Forces… The One Whom C.S. Lewis Called [in The Narnian World of his (that is, Lewis’) creation] “Aslan.” The Messages Jesus has been sending me are (1) That I am eternally loved, (2) That I am made to live without ceasing, (3) That I will always be loved, and (4) That I will never cease. As I stand at the precipice and look out over the great unknown, these thoughts, these feelings, and these visions of “the world and glorious, lingering life to come” make me feel so very happy. Yes, “I will not go with death.” When I die, death will die from me… BUT I WON’T! And if you know Jesus, neither will you! Thank H-him for this, and praise H-his Holy, Righteous, and Life-giving Name!

MRL Maxim: When I die, death will die from me… BUT I WON’T!

MRL Call-to-Action: Spend some time dreaming about “the world and glorious, lingering life to come.”