Me vs Me

Like many people, I love competition.

Actually, I thrive on it. (But maybe not in the way you might think.)

Sure, in all my training partner relationships, we compete against each other (and do so all the time). But it’s really very friendly, and I care very little if Scott or Calvin or Jackson or Sam or Kevin or Julie (etc., etc.) “beat” me at whatever game we’re playing today: The Super G, The Murph, etc., etc.

My real opponent is me: Me at my absolute best, me operating at my current “ceiling” of performance potential. Do I ever win? No. But I keep chasing after him. What’s interesting is the closer I get, the higher he goes and the faster he moves, like one magnet bumping into another at the same pole. The more reps I do and the quicker I get, the more reps he’s able to do and the quicker he gets.

So, yeah, I’m, competing with me at my best; and he’s always a step (or more) ahead of me. I’m also competing with me as I put out yesterday, but he’s like only a hair’s width behind me. While I’m chasing my best self, I’m being chased by me at my previous best performance. Me vs. Me: It’s a really cool and intensely unique place to be.

Who are you competing against? If it’s not you, you’re missing out.