My Training Mantra

I am and am becoming Uncommon Amongst Uncommon People, Unorthodox Amongst Unorthodox People, and Unreasonable Amongst Unreasonable People.

In partnership with Jesus, I am in a state of constant, iron-grinding war with the echoes and residuals of my crucified—and, thus, annihilated—fallen nature. I am at war also with the other enemies of my soul (that is, with 1/The dark spirits, powers, and forces of evil; and 2/The fallen world-system).

I am and am becoming A True One-percenter Amongst One-percenters.

With the help of Jesus, I callous my thought-generator (that is, my brain), and I move in ordinary as well as extraordinary ways extraordinarily well; I do so often; and I do so—healthfully, healthily, prayerfully, mindfully, humbly, joyfully, playfully, and thankfully—with an uplifted head; a bursting chest; a shining, smiling face; dancing eyes; open arms; an aligned spine; strong, graceful shoulders; effortless fluidity; and cat-like grace, suppleness, and agility.