Prayer… A Definition

To put it succinctly, prayer is “life shared with God.”

Prayer is God sharing His Life with us and His partaking of, participating in, and enjoying our life; and prayer is also our responsive sharing of our life with God and our partaking of, participating in, and enjoying His Life.

To experience God’s Life is to let Him love us the way He wants… it is to recognize that God, who is Lovingkindness by Self-definition, is always in a state of actively giving Himself away to us. To let God love us the way He wants is to welcome and experience ourselves enlivened by Him, known thoroughly by Him, and loved through and through by Him. And… it is to respond to His active, activating, and mediating Energies (that is, His “Divine Graces”) by giving ourselves away to Him. The chief ways in which we can do this are by turning toward Him (that is, toward The Life, Light, and Love that is in Him and that IS Him); by inviting Him to be all He wishes to be for, in, with, though, and (mysteriously) AS us; and… by consenting to experiencing Him (in a truly visceral—even existential [of, relating to, or affirming existence; grounded in existence or the experience of existence (empirical); having being in time and space]—way) as The Eternal Living One, Who is Our Life [The Breath in Our Lungs, The Life in Our Blood, The Stamp upon Our DNA, and The Creating/Recreating Voice of Our Continuing Existence As Well As Our Enduring Health, Uprightness, and Vitality]; The Eternal Knowing One, Who Knows Us Thoroughly; and… The Eternal Loving One, Who Loves Us Through and Through. In its truest, most complete sense, all life is the unfolding manifestation and result of God, IN LOVE and AS LOVE, giving Himself away to creation. To me, this experiencing of life—this relational (and reciprocal) sharing of life with God, and this immersing of myself in God-already-eternally-and-lovingly-immersed-in-me—is the context for and substance of all true prayer and meditation. Anything else is, at best, a counterfeit.

Today’s MRL Maxim: Prayer is life shared with God.

Today’s MRL Call-to-action: Go immerse yourself in God-already-eternally-and-lovingly-immersed-in-you.