Silence and Stillness… A Meditation

Silence—the extended ear of deep attentiveness, quietness, and gentleness—is golden.

Why? you ask. Because it is in being and becoming silent that we can hear God breathing us and speaking us into continuing existence and enduring health, uprightness, and vitality—continually and continuously, without end.

Each of us has our being in God. He’s not only the time, space, and place of our being—He IS Our Being. He not only gives us life—He IS Our Life. God’s Presence and Voice (His “Eternal Expression”) in our heart is the Very Ground of Our Existence, Substance, Sustenance, Continuance, and Countenance.

Our created existence was not “a one-and-done event.” No! It is a continual effect, a continuously unfolding event. Does God still speak? Of course He does! If He didn’t, you and I would cease to exist. The fact that we endure is a key indicator that God still speaks… and that He wants and, thus, loves us. Those who say, “God ONLY speaks now through the Bible,” are missing out on what God lovingly has for them right now. It’s likened to a husband and wife returning repeatedly to only the written vows they spoke to each other many years ago on their wedding day, refusing—through cowardice and dismissive obstinance (and even arrogance)—to listen to what the other is saying RIGHT NOW.

Go, and immerse yourself humbly in silence. Actually, go and BECOME SILENCEBECOME STILLNESS… and listen for The Eternal Expression of God within you, to Him who speaks you actively—in the ETERNAL NOW of this moment—into continuing existence as well as enduring health, uprightness, and vitality; and consent to the ever-inviting, ever-lifting, ever-showering Presence of God, who lives eternally, beneficently, and beatifically in an ever-loving, ever-giving, ever-emptying posture and state of giving Himself away—in LOVE and as LOVE—to you.

Today’s MRL Maxim: Silence… is golden.

Today’s MRL Call-to-action: For the next seven days, spend at least 30 minutes sitting in total silence.