But we have this Treasure (that is, Jesus) in jars of clay (our personhood—individually and collectively) to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. [2Co 4:7 (expanded rendering).]

My fallen nature was crucified with Y-you, Jesus. It has been annihilated forever and for all times, spaces, and places. Accordingly, it is no longer I (the fallen I, because he was nailed to the cross with You) who lives but You who lives and expresses Y-yourself for, in, with, through, and (mysteriously) as me. [Ga 2:20 (expanded, personalized rendering).]

To live is Christ. [Ph 1:21a.]

Life is Christ. Light is Christ. Life and Light are Christ. Life, Light, Love, Freedom, Goodness, Generativeness, Whole-heartedness, Relational Reconciliation, and Redemptive Intimacy [Intimate and Divine Union with Him and the other Persons of the Trinity, my own self, those around me, and even nature]—expressed for, in, with, through, and (mysteriously) as me—are Expressions of Christ.

Life is a Dance; Life is also the Dancer.

Who—and what—am I?

I am “yielded nobodiness and yielded emptiness.” I have become “yielded nobodiness and yielded emptiness.” Christ in me is “Yielded Nobodiness and Yielded Emptiness”—incarnated in me and AS me. I am neither the Dance nor the Dancer. And yet, paradoxically, I am—that is, Christ in me—both the Dance and the Dancer. I am, yet I—as a separate, solid “I,” who lives in fallenness and apart from Jesus—do not exist anymore. Not that I have been absorbed by God—No! Paradoxically, I am still me (the jar of clay), but (mysteriously) the “I”—the Treasure—is Christ expressed uniquely for, in, with, through, and (mysteriously) AS me. H-he is my “hope of glory—the Deposit guaranteeing my inheritance in the life to come [see Co 1:24-29]” and the very Ground and Garden—the I AM and Incomprehensible Totality—of My Resurrected Life, Light, Love, Freedom, Joy, Goodness, Generativeness, Whole-heartedness, Relational Reconciliation, and Redemptive Intimacy. As Thomas Merton writes,

God’s will, then, is our sanctification, our transformation in Christ, and our deeper and fuller integration with other men and women. This sanctification, transformation, and integration results not in the absorption and disappearance of our own personality but rather in its affirmation, glorification, and perfection.

When I am me in all my fullness, all there is is Christ: Christ Jesus, the Master of the Universe, and the Pioneer of My Life and Faith. For, in, with, through, and (mysteriously) AS me, Christ Jesus—the Treasure in this jar of clay [see 2Co 4:7]—has chosen to manifest H-himself uniquely and exquisitely. That way of life—the way of the Jesus-life, the way of the Revel-life, where Jesus is living through me and as me—is me living into and living out my fullness.

What a wonder!

What a mystery!

When I court evil, it is not me who is doing it—even though I, that is Christ in me, has already taken full and absolute responsibility for it. The echoes of the crucified, fallen nature (the residuals of sin, the false it) within me—that which has made a home of sorts within me—is what conceives of, births, perpetrates, and propagates evil. It is also that which wages war with me—with the True Me, who is Jesus living in me and as me. I am neither the residuals of sin (or sinfulness), nor evil, nor the false it, nor the echoes of my crucified, fallen nature. No. The residuals of evil and the fallen personas and propensities striving within me (the strong/false it and all its spoils), those malicious, malevolent, and deceitful constructs, deconstructs, and inclinations that create evil, breed deception, brag about conquest, and bring about an infinite variety of collateral fallouts, are not me. My fallen nature was nailed to the Cross with Jesus, it was annihilated (destroyed) with Him in His death, and it no longer exists. On the cross, Jesus became sin, evil, illness, disease, injury, loss of heart, and death for me so I can—in the eternal now of this moment (and in every moment past, present, and future)—become and forever be the Goodness of God and His Rightwiseness… become and forever be His Perfect Lovingkindness and His Deep, Everlasting Happiness. This is who I am. I, as Christ in me, am this Goodness… this Rightwiseness… this Perfect Lovingkindess… this Deep, Everlasting Happiness. Yes!! Christ Jesus, the Lord and Life of All, is all that (and more!) for me, in me, with me, through me, and (mysteriously) as me.
Yes, Jesus is all that AS me.


This is indeed a wonder and a mystery, and I soak in the relentless, never-ending, ever-expanding, incomprehensible (even ineffable) realities of it. As promised by Jesus, this joy-filling and gladness-creating wonder and mystery will live on and express itself for, in, with, through, and (mysteriously) AS me, continually and continuously, without end.

I am God’s, meaning I am one of Jesus’ loved ones [one of His eternally beloved]; and H-he is mine [my Eternal Lover], and we will live that way as lovers forever. As Jesus is, so am I; as H-he is, so shall I be—both now and forevermore. These are life-changing, life-embracing, life-creating truths. I cling to these truths (these promises, these certainties)—loyally and faithfully—with all that is within me.

Nothing (ultimately) will separate me from me, me from Jesus or H-his people, or Jesus or H-his people from me. A time, place, and space are coming, when and where we will all be together, and when and where being together will never end. Such truths and hopes are like life-water to my thirsty soul.

THIS (!) is the Jesus-life. THIS (!) is the Revel-life.

To live is Christ? It is indeed!