“Go courageously to God, along the way He has traced out for you,
steadfastly embracing the means He offers you.” –  Les Brown


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Living a Whole-hearted Life by Design
(herein “Revel”)

The Oils of My Gladness

My Living Book of Prayers, Meditations, and Mind-body Integration Practices (herein “Oils”)

Revel is a workbook intended to help you create a living workbook for the pursuing of intimate and Divine intimacy with God, your own self, the people around you, and even nature.

In my life, Oils is my living workbook. Jesus and I began creating it together almost forty years ago. While Revel is for sale, Oils is free. You can purchase Revel from MyRevelLife or from Amazon. A “polished” version of Oils is available as a free download from MyRevelLife.

If you’d like, too, the open-source Word document of Oils (recommended), email me at or send me an email using the contact function on

In a nutshell, the intentional, intimate practice of living life with God (which is at the heart of both Revel and Oils) is the continual turning toward Him and the continual experiencing of Him [His mediated Graces; His foolish, extravagant, prodigal (even reckless) lovingkindness].

That, my friends, is life, and it is this particular kind of life that creates true, organic, and everlasting being. True life is built on and with God’s love, and nothing else.

God’s love for you is not something you have to work for, as if having God’s love is something you have to prove your worth to receive. No! You’ve already won God’s Heart! His boundless love and fondness for you are things you have already. You’ve always had them, and you’ll always have them. Do you know this? Have these truths etched themselves into the deeper, innermost parts of your heart?

O dear one of God, know this: You are known actively and thoroughly and loved through and through by Jesus, the Lord God Almighty. Know, too: God is so very interested in you, and He’s also so very proud of and fond of you. My friends, that’s both the underlying and overarching message of the Gospel.

It’s always been the message. And it hasn’t changed; in fact, it never will.