“Don’t downgrade your dream to match your reality. Upgrade your faith to match your destiny.” – DeVon Franklin


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Fusce sed dapibus sem, quis faucibus



An Ancient Approach To Life And Prayer: The purpose of life is to live! Just as the purpose of riding a bike is found in its riding, so, too, the purpose of life is discovered in the living of it. Without life, there is nothing: no meaning, no purpose, no anything. Jesus came to bring us life, and He defined such life as having Him and being His and His Father’s friend. If the purpose of life is to live, and if real living is enjoying intimate friendship with God, then the ultimate purpose of life must be to enjoy intimate friendship with God. In becoming a friend of God, true life is experienced. Anything less is non-life. Throughout this compilation, Dave Brown has written about an approach to life and prayer that’s been explored and practiced for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. In a nutshell, such an approach boils down to just one thing: letting God love us the way He wants. Whether it’s living in community with others, praying The Jesus Prayer, or giving one’s life away in selfless service to others, it’s all really just one and the same thing: letting God love us the way He wants. It is Dave’s earnest prayer that, above all else, the Everlasting Father will use this simple and ordinary compilation to illuminate and enrich your life in a grand and extraordinary way.



That’s usually one of the first questions Dave Brown asks those beginning to train with him in the philosophies and practices of Jiin Senshi Do (JSD), The Way of the Temple Warrior. The next question he asks, which is really just part two of the above question, is, ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE TO GET WHAT YOU WANT?

Once those wanting to train with him are able to articulate clearly what they want and have set in their neurology their deep committed to paying the price to get what they want, training in JSD can then begin. And not until then. JSD is not just a martial art. It’s a way of life devoted to the transformation of being through martial arts practice, holistic discipline, and meditative prayer. For nearly 40 years, Dave has immersed himself in these three elements—what he calls “The Training Trinity.” At their confluence, these elements (or streams) flow together as one life-giving river that invigorates every aspect of the soul. Training in JSD is tough. It will cost you not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. JSD is a set of holistically transformative practices; it’s an art devoted to the nearly continuous processes of tearing down and rebuilding the body-mind composite. “Every day,” Dave writes, “I pursue the evolution of my being. I do this by training at the edges of my capabilities and working to integrate my actions with my full potential as a human being. I do it in every arena of my life. A long time ago, I identified what I wanted and decided to go after it. Since then, I’ve paid the price—every moment, of every day, with no days off. Today, I live without fear, and I’m happy pretty much all the time.” What about you? Do you desire to feel and live similarly? To move beyond what’s been keeping you from living-out the best version of yourself? If so, let’s partner together and begin in this moment to create “the you” you long to be.