Episode 3 – My Papa

My Papa [a synthesized and expanded rendering of The Lord’s Prayer or The Our Father Prayer recorded in Mt 6:9-13 and Lk 11:2-4.]

Ps 70:1…

O God [Elohiym: The Master of Forces], come to my assistance [natsal: to snatch away, at all, defend, deliver self, escape, without fail, part, pluck]; O LORD [YHVH: The Name of Existence], make haste [chuwsh: to hasten, make haste; figuratively, to be eager with excitement or enjoyment] to help [ezrah: help, assist; “The Helper”] me.

The Ps 70:1 Prayer [an expanded rendering (and prayer) based in Ps 70:1]…

Holy and Happy Father—My Papa…

As I pray, come to my assistance; as I pray, make haste to help me.

In all my prayers, O God, I want to pray in and with You—and the whole of The Trinity—and NOT JUST toward You. I want to pray as the new creation I am in Jesus and NOT out of the echoes and residuals of my crucified (and, thus, annihilated) fallen nature or out of any alliances parts of me might have made with my enemies (that is, with the dark spirits, powers, and forces of evil, or with the fallen world-system). Further, I want to pray out of my identity as Jesus’ Eternal Friend, Baby Sibling [Brother or Sister], and Fierce Lover. And, lastly, I want to pray out of my identity as A Co-heir with Jesus of All You’ve Promised Us (that is, all You’ve promised to Jesus and to those of us who reside with H-him in H-his Kingdom). Enable me, and anoint [to sanctify with the influence of the Holy Spirit] me, O God, to pray into, out of, and from all such perspectives and whole-hearted ways of being.

My Papa…

This is my expanded rendering of the Words of Jesus as I’ve internalized them [again, this is a synthesized and expanded rendering of The Lord’s Prayer or The Our Father Prayer recorded in Mt 6:9-13 and Lk 11:2-4]: “M-my Eternal Friend, Baby Sibling [Brother or Sister], and Fierce Lover, pray like this…

‘Papa of My Heart and Soul, O Daddy-God of My Life and Enduring Vitality; You who are My Creator, Deliverer, and Re-creator; You who are Heaven’s Glory, Goodness, and Gladness; You who created me in Your wisdom, delivered me in Your strength, and re-created me in Your mercy; and You who continues to speak and breathe me into enduring vitality, revellious [(1) a brazen (that is, unrestrained]) gladness; (2) an obsessive and marveling (that is, astonishment-causing and amazement-causing) doggedness; (3) a tenacious adaptability and life-savagery; (4) an expressive and celebratory life of prayer, meditation, worship, healing, training, and embodied vision; (5) an insurrecting (that is, uprisingly rebellious) selflessness; (6) a disruptive (that is, shattering and radically reconfiguring) lovingkindness; (7) a paradigm-shifting (that is, revolutionary and insurgent) whole-heartedness, integratedness-of-belief, and congruency-of-being; (8) a disarming (that is, hostility-allaying and calming) humor, vulnerability, genuineness, and graciousness; (9) an iconoclastic (that is, false-image destructing) happiness; (10) a novel (that is, unusual, insolent, even customary-shattering) inventiveness and life-authorship, life-artistry, and life-mastery; (11) an uncommon comfortableness with feeling utterly and entirely uncomfortable; and (12) an attentive and wordless (that is, unspoken, even unthought—yet felt with the extended ear of deep listening, stillness, and attentiveness) surrender to “the golden silence and stillness” of Heaven (that is, the holy abode of God’s Presence)] ebullience [zestful enthusiasm], and incarnated [embodied] life, light, and love…

‘May Your Name—may who You are—be hallowed, honored, loved, praised, venerated, and vindicated!
‘As in Heaven [the Mysterious and Holy (transcendent) Abode of Your Eternalness], so on Earth: May Your ever-fortressing, ever-advancing, and ever-expanding Kingdom be unleashed, and may Your ever-loving, ever-illuminating, and ever-generating desires and plans be brought forth to solid—yet organically expressive and expansive—form and function.

‘O God, give me in this day what I need and desire genuinely in this day. Give me what makes me come alive as Your Beloved Offspring [Son or Daughter]! Fill me, to overflowing, with Your Spirit. O Glorious God, may every aspect of my life and being be stained thoroughly and completely by and with Him. Feed me, O Papa, with the Thoughts, Feelings, and Stories of Your Heart, for they comprise the eternal substance and sustenance of that which truly nourishes, strengthens, and animates me.

‘Because I’m already perpetually and eternally forgiven IN You, BY You, and FOR You, please—as You said You would—continue to send away all my offenses and debts (along with all my guilt and shame) to the mystical Cross of Christ. And as You do this, enable me and anoint me—in time and over time—to forgive and send away (also to the Cross of Christ) all the offenses and debts of all those who’ve hurt and violated me (including those offenses I perpetrated and debts I racked-up against myself). I thank You, Papa, for the eternal forgiveness and repatriation [To be repatriated is to be brought back home and welcomed fully as a friend, son (or daughter), and brother (or sister). It includes the full vesting (or revesting) with all the rights, privileges, seals, identifications, credentials, responsibilities, ownerships, and authorities of friendship, sonship (or daughtership), and brotherhood (or sisterhood). It includes also the reconnecting, through Blood-relatedness, of one’s heart and being back to God’s Heart and Being. Further, it makes one an heir of God and a co-heir with Jesus of all The Father has promised. Repatriation is another way of understanding The Spirit of Adoption’s work on behalf of the one who’s been (and is being) redeemed. These concepts are alluded to and written extensively of throughout the Old and New Testaments, especially in Jesus’ parables and Paul’s writings.] I have in You and in the other two Persons of The Trinity [The Triune God of the Holy Bible (that is, to God the Father [Papa], God the Son [The Lord Jesus Christ], and God the Holy Spirit [The Invigorating and Ventilating Breathe of I AM; The Drenching, Ubiquitous Presence of Yahweh—The Eternal Name of Existence])] (that is, in Jesus and The Holy Spirit). I thank You, too, for the fact that, in the end, all will be made whole and right—meaning, every wrong I and others committed (including every good I and others failed [omitted] to do [when we should have done them]) will be made whole and right, every wrong I and others committed against others [and who they are, as individuals and part of a particular community, in You] will be made whole and right, and every wrong I and others committed against me [and who I, as an individual and part of a particular community, am in You] will be made whole and right. I thank You, further, O Daddy-God, for the ever-giving, ever-expanding, never-ending life, light, and love You’ve given me and continue to give me—continually and continuously, without end.

O LORD My God… I take refuge in You; save and deliver me from all who pursue me, or they will tear me like a lion and rip me to pieces with no one to rescue me.
—Ps 7:1-2

O Righteous God… He who searches minds and hearts, bring an end to the violence of the wicked, and make the righteous secure.
—Ps 7:9

My Shield is God Most High, who saves the upright in heart.
—Ps 7:10

The LORD is A Refuge for the oppressed; He is A Stronghold in times of trouble.
—Ps 9:9

Those who know Your Name, O God, will trust in You, for You, O LORD, have never forsaken those who seek You.
—Ps 9:10

‘O Papa, protect, defend, and bolster me during my times of difficulty, trial, suffering, and distress. Help me to learn, too, how to defend and protect myself during such times; and how, too, to callous my thought-generator (that is, my brain) so I’m enabled to iron-grind—joyfully and whole-heartedly—through such times, spaces, and places. Do these things and no-things [life-giving expressions, generative creations], and help me to do these things and no-things with You, that I might not give up, give in, lay down, or quit; that I might not yield to temptation; that I might not come to false and erroneous conclusions or perspectives; that I might not flail about in bitterness, unforgiveness, fear, anger, shame, guilt, or regret; or… that I might not yolk myself—IN ANY MANNER—to my enemies (that is, to the dark spirits, powers, and forces of evil, or to the fallen world-system).

You (that is, Theophilus) know what has happened throughout the province of Judea, beginning in Galilee after the baptism that John preached: How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with authority and power, and how H-he (that is, Jesus) went around doing good—namely, healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with H-him.
—Ac 10:37-38

If the Spirit [pneuma: wind, breath, spirit] of Him who raised [egeiro: to awaken, to arouse, to raise up] Jesus from and out of the dead [nekros: (a) adj: dead, lifeless, subject to death, mortal, (b) noun: a dead body, a corpse] is living [oikeo: to inhabit, dwell, indwell] in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life [zoopoieo: make alive (with divine life), vivify, animate, quicken] to your mortal [thnetos: properly, subject to dying (death), mortality; the inevitability of physical death.] bodies [soma: from sozo; the body (as a sound whole), used in a very wide application, literally or figuratively — bodily, body, slave.]. This is because of His Spirit [pneuma], who lives and thrives [enoikeo: “dwell” at home, in one’s personal residence) – properly, dwelling in a state (condition), i.e. at home; to inhabit (“in-habit”) as one’s personal residence (abiding indwelling).] with and for you.
—Ro 8:11 [expanded rendering]

‘Heal me, O God—completely—of any and all illnesses, diseases, and injuries attempting to beset me; and deliver me—also completely—from my enemy’s attacks, treacheries, lies, and enslaving enticements. I ask, too, that You deliver me from my own ignorance, ego-centricities [self-centered views, perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, actions, and demands placed upon others], self-deception, and self-destructiveness. In all such situations, conditions, contexts, and engagements, grant me, O God, the autotelic [intrinsically driven] gumption [boldness of enterprise; initiative or aggressiveness; guts, spunk; common/uncommon sense] to pursue and do that which I must do for myself… to pursue and do those things and no-things You outright refuse to do for me because You’ve endowed me with the freewill and agency [the means and modes of and for acting]—the instrumentality—to do them myself. As You’ve said to me, O God: You will not brush my teeth for me, or get me out of bed in the morning, or get me to work or other appointments or opportunities on time, or eat healthily for me, or balance my checkbook for me, or work-out for me, or listen for me to those I say I love and care about, or believe for me in You and in Your loving and healing plans, purposes, and desires for me or… eliminate the consequences of my not doing any of the activities I just mentioned. Of course, You’ll partner with me in my engaging in these elements of life, but You won’t do them for me or do them in lieu of my doing them—meaning, You won’t raise a Hand to engage with me in these without my first stepping out and taking point in my self-initiated executing of them.

‘O Papa, help me to get my heart [The Eden of My Soul, in which Jesus, The Sapiential Forest (trees [the climax vegetation], etc.) of Life and of Cunning Knowledge and Skill (the fruit, of which, comprise the composite, garden-spread of God’s life, wisdom, and discernment) lives and thrives. In monastic tradition (refer to Thomas Merton, Augustine, and the Desert Fathers), the heart refers to “the deepest psychological ground of one’s personality” and “the inner sanctuary, where self-awareness goes beyond analytical reflection and opens out into metaphysical and theological confrontation with the Abyss (or Cloud) of the Unknown (that is, The Infinitely Unknowable One, who’s more intimate with us than we are with ourselves).”] back, or, as the ancients used to pray, help me to return to and reconnect with my heart—the primal and tenaciously savage [Savage: He (or she) who’s escaped human-domestication, and he (or she) who’s become wild, fierce, ferocious, and untamed] ground of my being. As I do this, O God, help me to keep and guard well this incredibly precious center and centering part of who I am as Your Beloved Offspring [Son or Daughter]. And partner with me, too, to incarnate [embody], increasingly within me, Your Perfect Law of Lovingkindness, that I might be and become—JUST LIKE YOU!!—a Catcher- and Collector-of-Tears and a Lifter- and Preserver-of-Hearts. O yes, O Papa, may I be [that is, BE and not just have] and become, ever-increasingly, Wholeness-and-Nobleness-of-heart; and… may I be and become—also ever-increasingly—Goodness [true to myself and to who I am as God’s Imager, Lover, Imitator, and Follower], Selflessness, Joyful Presence, Everlasting Gratefulness, and the Unfolding of Perfect Lovingkindness Incarnate!

‘Heal me and train me up, O God, that I might be inspired, enabled, and entrusted by You to walk in and with…

The very same qualities of loving (and energizing) intimacy Jesus walked in on planet Earth with You, H-himself, the people around H-him, and even the whole of creation [nature and our many ecological, social, and societal environments, both in part and as a whole. Included in this arena are things like your work and living arrangements; the economy; online culture; the watershed you live in; and your relationship to the garbage you generate, collect, and dispose of]…


The very same anointed authority [the anointed rights, means, and abilities of force-mastery, life-authorship, life-artistry, and life-mastery] and existential [of, relating to, or affirming existence; grounded in existence or the experience of existence (empirical); having being in time and space] power, wisdom, and discernment Jesus walked in on planet Earth as H-he lived out and accomplished H-his mission.

‘Further, in partnership with me, help me to silence and eliminate the echoes and residuals of my crucified (and, thus, annihilated) fallen nature. Help me, too, to renounce, dismantle, and dissolve any alliances parts of me might have made with my enemies. I call these alliances “The Enslaving Contingent,” and I am desperate for Your help in overcoming and, ultimately, exterminating them. Yes… I look to You, O God, to help me in and with all these things and no-things and to do for me those things and no-things I can’t do for myself.

‘I acknowledge my complete dependency upon You, O Papa, for I am—and will, forever, be—Your Contingent [resurrected; dependent upon or subject to God and the life He breathes into me] Image-bearer [one who bears the image of the Creator; one who was created in the image of the Creator]. I am so fragile, O God. You hold my whole world in Your Hands. You hold it all—all the people I love, all my hopes, all my dreams, all my terrors, all the things and no-things I love, and all the things and no-things I don’t love… or don’t yet love. All that said, I acknowledge that I must play a critical role in my own life-design and in my own healing, in my own training, and in my own heart-protecting and -bolstering practices. I acknowledge, Papa, that I must pursue goodness, truth, and beauty; do so in all their many forms, functions, textures, and contexts; and do so with great intentionality, intensity, and doggedness. And, further, I acknowledge, O God, that I must—as Your Imager, Lover, Imitator, and Follower—rest in You and choose daily to work out and walk in the glory, splendor, weightiness, freedom, savage-like tenacity, revellious ebullience, revelience [to live and be as one who actively, resolutely, and steadfastly pursues the uncovering, recovering, and awakening of God’s image within them and those around them], mastery-orientation, giftedness, polymathic [intelligent generalism as well as renaissance-like curiosity, learning, artistry, and mastery] genius, autotelic gumption, life-purposes, and Eden-expanding life-dominion and life-rule You gave me when You first thought of me (that is, when You first created me in Your Imagination). As Your Contingent Image-bearer (like Jesus’ friend Lazarus), I must, O God, live also as An Active One [marked by energetic activity in the world] (like Jesus’ friend Martha) and as A Contemplative One [marked by a life of deep and intimate prayer, meditation, and (of course) contemplation] (like Jesus’ friend Mary). May these three realities, ways, and approaches to life shared with You be blended healthily, restfully, seamlessly, integratedly, energetically, synergistically, generatively [that which is life-giving, life-expanding, life-extending, and/or life-enhancing], beautifully, revelliously, and reveliently within my heart and soul.

‘TO YOU, O Abba—O Papa, O Happy Daddy-God—belongs the rule and reign over my heart; FROM YOU comes the effectual, mighty power to save, deliver, heal, renew, re-create, restore, and strengthen every aspect, arena, and relationship of not just my own life but also the lives of all those who comprise the whole of creation; and IN YOU is found the alpha and omega [beginning and end] of all true and lasting worth, significance, identity, weightiness, manifest presence, relatability, relational intimacy, generative influence, and life-giving authority, stewardship, and dominion-rule.

‘Who You are and what You’re about, O God, will never end; and the Eternal Story Your authoring will never end either. No! It, just like You, will endure and unfold manifestly throughout all eternity… drenching every time, space, and place—as well as every aspect, arena, and relationship—of my life. I know all this to be true, O Eternal One, O Name of Existence; and, by surrendering to You in the ever-present here and now, I chose in this moment, space, and place (and, henceforth, in every moment, space, and place yet to come) to stake my very life upon it. This is the congruent, putting-to-flight, belief and trust I place in You, O Lord God Almighty, King of the Universe.

‘Amen, and AMEN!! O God… MAY IT ALL BE SO!!’”