A Few of the Healthy Things I Do… Pretty Much Every Day

I spend time outside in the sun. Note: I don’t use sunscreen and haven’t for close to twenty years.

I drink 12 8oz glasses of mineral water every day. That’s a bout ¾ of a gallon a day. Note: I drink them about a half a glass at a time. The minerals I use are OmniBlue Ocean Minerals, which I order off Amazon. OmniBlue has 73+ coactive trace minerals. Salt water, in its natural state, has 92 minerals in it (of which about 60% is salt [NaCl]). Harvesting all those minerals is difficult as a lot of loss is experienced through evaporation alone.

I go to bed early each night (at about 830p); I usually wake-up at around 345a. Note: My alarm is set for 4a. Most mornings, I wake up before my alarm.

I, typically, get around 7.5-hrs of sleep each night. On most days, I take about a twenty-minute nap.

I spend a lot of time throughout the day in prayer and meditation. Accordingly, God and I share life together. Because of that, I continue to grow in my trust of God.

I abstain from things that hurt me. Among those, are alcohol, smoking/vaping, medicine, refined sugar, gluten, dairy, harsh cleaners, etc. I also limit very significantly my engagement on social media.

I work for myself, and I do my best to engage only in that which I believe to be generative, worshipful, God-honoring work—that is, work that builds up other people, cares for the Earth, honors God, conforms to the glory God gave me, and extends (either directly or indirectly) the Kingdom of God.

I talk with my parents almost every day.

I spend time with the people I love every day.

I take time to be quiet.

I breathe slowly and deeply and do so in and out of my nose. Breathing through your nose balances your blood gases—essentially, nitric oxide and carbon dioxide. When you breathe in through your nose, you create nitric oxide. When you breathe in through your mouth, you don’t create nitric oxide. And, when you breathe out of your mouth, you exhale too much carbon dioxide. Practice breathing into and out of your nose to create the right balance in your blood. As the Scriptures teach, “…the life of a creature is in its blood” [see Le 17:11].

I write (or journal) every day.

I eat, generally, a plant-based diet comprised mostly of living foods. I write “generally” because I typically eat one, maybe two, servings of fish a month. By “living foods,” I mean food that’s still alive… like raw cucumbers, spinach, herbs, olives, avocadoes, blueberries, bananas, walnuts, and coconut oil. [Note: I eat a high natural-fat diet. I also use Himalayan Pink Salt (HPS). HPS has 75 minerals in it. For those of you who use Celtic Sea Salt (CSS), you’re taking in 82 minerals. Those minerals buffer the sodium chloride in the salt. Did you know that table salt, which is only two minerals, sodium and chloride, shuts down your taste buds and that the minerals in HPS and CSS awakens your taste buds.]

I exercise lightly every day throughout the day. Basically, I move a lot in a lot of different ways every day all day. On five of those days, I include exercise sessions that are quite vigorous. On Tuesdays and Sundays, which are my rest days, I abstain from vigorous exercise sessions. My exercise routines include (among many things) martial arts practice, yoga, HIIT, body-weight strength training, slow running, riding the exercise bike, rebounding, inverting, walking, going up and down steps, quadrupedal movement, and balance training.

I abstain from lying and seek to be as genuine as I can without intentionally hurting the people around me. Do I hurt or offend people at times? Sure. But I do my best to not injure anyone intentionally. Sometimes, though, the truth hurts. I am often on the receiving end of such truth; and, yes, it does hurt sometimes!

I strive to be and become unoffendable. I’ve decided beforehand to forgive everyone around me… long before they ever do something that might hurt me.

I laugh and cry every day.

I do my best to listen, both incarnationally and intercessorily, to everyone around me.