God’s First Outburst Toward Us is ALWAYS Like that of a Happy, Squealing Dog!

Greetings, friends…

I’d like to begin this post with two prayers that come from The Oils of My Gladness (more on Oils in a moment):

Holy and Happy Father… Thank You for the eternal forgiveness and repatriation I have in You, Jesus, and Your Spirit. In all things, O God–ESPECIALLY WHEN I STUMBLE–I know that Your first outburst toward me is always one of great mercy and compassion. Compassion is, I believe, Your Heart’s default expression; and I’m so very grateful for that.
Papa–Daddy-God… In Your Essence, You are Unlimited Mercy, Everlasting Graciousness, and Perfect Lovingkindness. THAT is who You are principally in all Your set-apartness as our Holy Creator and Loving Papa.

Many people–actually, most people I think–believe that God’s first outburst toward them (especially when they fail, fall, make a mistake, or create harm in themselves or others) is one of anger, disgust, and judgment. “God cannot tolerate sin.” they say (mostly to themselves). “It’s an attack upon who He is,” they continue (again, mostly to themselves), “and that’s why He’s angry with you.” These internal judgments are what most people hear–as their own self-talk–when they sin or fall short in some manner.

As I hinted at above, I don’t believe the above judgments originate with God. Is God just and right? Of course He is. But, before that, He is Love. In fact, God Self-defines Himself in the following manner: “Above all else, I AM Lovingkindness.”

God responds to us very much the way a dog (humankind’s best friend) does–even when we do something wrong.

God doesn’t yell at us when He sees us. He’s not angry or impatient with us; neither is He pouty nor standoffish with us when He’s “around” us. No. Whenever He sees us (which is at all times and in all spaces and places), He–in a metaphorical, yet very real sense–wags His tail and waits for us to call out to Him. And when we do, He (similar to the prodigal father in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son [see Lk 15:11-32]) runs to us… wagging His tail, jumping all over us, licking our face, and squealing almost uncontrollably.

YOU… move the heart of God every time you turn toward Him. In a very real way, when God’s around you, He doesn’t quite know what to do with Himself except shower you with His love, affection, and attention. Your life is Lovingkindnes Himself giving Himself away to you.

This is God. This is WHO God is. This is HOW God is around us. And this is His WAY with us. God cannot help but relate to us with lovingkindness… to relate to us AS Lovingkindness. It’s WHO and WHAT He is. For Him to relate to us otherwise would be contrary to His Heart and Nature, and God never acts in a way that’s contrary to who He is.

I recently saw a meme that read something like this: “A dog is the only creature on Earth who, when you lock him (or her) in the trunk of your car, will remember not that you were the one who locked him in the trunk but that you were the one who let him out.” Again, that’s the way God is. He is Ever-advancing Lovingkindness, Ever-disarming Graciousness, and Ever-forgiving Mercy.


My prayer is that you will begin to see, hear, and experience God in this way, because that’s what He’s like.

Similar to a dog, there’s no one in the universe like God.

Peace to you, friends…


YouTube Clip: Happy Dog Greetings

Today’s MRL Maxim: Your Life is Lovingkindness Himself giving Himself away to you.

Today’s MRL Call-to-action: Ask Jesus the following questions: “Jesus… How do Y-you feel about me? When Y-you see me, what do Y-you see? And… Do Y-you “like what Y-you see?” Sit quietly for a few minutes (with a pen and journal in-hand), and let Jesus speak into your soul the things H-he longs for you to hear. And… as you hear from H-him, write down what H-he says.

In the above post, I referenced The Oils of My Gladness (Oils). Oils is my own personal collection of daily prayers and meditations. Through Oils, I’m making available my personal prayer practices to whomever is interested in them. I anticipate Oils being released in paperback form on Amazon sometime in 2024. As the release date approaches, I’ll keep you informed.